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The Green Spot

Owners Jessica Ellis and Jennifer Haines describe their locally owned business, The Green Spot, as eco-friendly, organic and natural. The pair met through an organization Jessica founded called Pug Partners of Nebraska. After the pet food recalls in 2007, they decided to take things into their own hands and make sure healthy and safe pet food and accurate information was available to all pet owners.

Jessica is also President of the Nebraska Rescue Council, which organizes rescues and serves as a resource for ideas for things other organizations can do for their own rescues.  The Green Spot stays active in the community by having car washes, dog washes, and holding a fundraiser called Trimming Claws for a Cause. This monthly fundraiser provides ten dollar nail trims and donates 100 percent of the proceeds to a different rescue each month.

The Green Spot also supports other locally owned businesses by carrying local products in their store. Their customers are addicted to the Omaha company Maisie Co Collars which sells pet collars in a variety of fun and different patterns, coming out with new styles each season.

One of the newer products the store has started carrying is Beer Paws which they get from a Kansas City start-up company. This dog beer is a liquid vitamin which can be poured over their pet’s food or given as a treat.

The Green Spot has continued to grow since they’ve opened in 2012 with much of their success attributing to the support from their local customers. This business serves as a friendly local face that pet owners can come and ask questions about a variety of topics involving their pets and getting one-on-one help. Their personal touch and involvement in the pet community truly makes The Green Spot a unique and valuable spot to shop.

Please check out their store or visit their website at http://www.thegreenspotomaha.com